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Madeleine McBride

My name is Madeleine McBride and I am  a Holistic Lifestyle Coach, qualified in Hatha yoga & relaxation and Wellness techniques.  I am based in Dungannon , Co. Tyrone where  I love to share simple yet effective tools and techniques that everyone can use to improve their own health and well being.  

I teach  regular  classes, specialised yoga for back care, Mindfulness meditation and workshops throughout the year in yoga and well-being techniques, working with a variety of  groups and individuals.

No matter where you find yourself in life it is never too late to experience wellness through practices which bring peace and harmony to Body, Mind and Spirit.

Courses include:

-    Hatha Yoga Classes

-    Holistic Health for Menopause

-    Deep Relaxation Techniques

-    Multicultural Wellness Practices

-    Mindfulness and Meditation

-    Holistic Days including Healing and

      Wellness Practices

-    Tools for Stress Management

I also offer small and corporate group or one to one on site yoga/relaxation sessions or workshops to suit individual need.

To find out which course best suits your needs please explore my website or contact me directly.  

Thank you.

Tranquility Yoga & Wellbeing

Contact details :

Telephone:  078  7153  6206


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