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Madeleine McBride

Back Care Yoga  Sold Out
         Sat 18th August    
Venue Ranfurly House Dungannon
          10am - 1pm

Coming up
              Autumnal Equinox
 Slow Sunday Morning of Mindfulness and Yin Yoga
 - Date to be confirmed

Hatha Yoga Classes September 2018
6 weeks Block booking  (Term time)

                                          Tues 18th  or Thurs 20th September 10am 0r 7pm  
All classes Ballysaggart Business Park, Dungannon -Except Tues 10am Ranfurly House, Dungannon
      Yin Yoga
                                 Friday 21st Sept 9.30 am   New Class
 Yin yoga targets our deepest tissues of the body, our connective tissues — ligaments, joints, bones, and the deep fascia networks of the body. It helps to increase circulation in our body, improves our deeper flexibility, calms the mind and much much more. See the change in body and mind.

Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs New Class
Specialised programme to relieve chronic back pain or for Gentle Healing Yoga
Part 1 Sat  6th October  -  10th November  9.30 am

 12 week programme:  Part 1 Core 6 weeks  Part 2 Progressive 6 weeks

Based on research studies funded & supported by Arthritis Research UK

One to one coaching  also available for chronic back pain by  appointment                                                
For more information  visit


Mindfulness Meditation(6 week Programme )
       Monday 1st October - 12th November 7 -8pm
This programme will help ou to bring the spirit
of mindfulness to your daily activities, staying grounded
in the present moment, staying present in the here and now.

Booking Through Ranfurly House Dgn


I offer small and corporate group or one to one on site

Summer/Autumn 2018
Contact details :
Telephone:  (+44)(0)787 1536 206